Bisby Photography is located in Chandler, Arizona. I travel over the entire Phoenix metro
area, from Fountain Hills/Scottsdale to Sun City...Johnson Ranch to Maricopa.

I began my own business in 1999 with the idea that I would work much more closely with my
clients than photographers in most studios. I do not "double book" appointments, therefore I
will be on time and I will never be in a hurry to get to my next appointment. I have been
successful in getting great pictures because I allow the time that it takes.

I carry my own lighting and backgrounds to get a "studio" look. All the indoor pictures you
see on this web site were taken at the client's home. Prior to the appointment we can discuss
the type of "feel" you want for the picture so we can select an appropriate background.

Consider also, how much easier it would be to have me come to your home, business or
favorite outdoor location rather than taking the kids to the mall...where they may sit and wait
well beyond your appointment time. I allow time for your child to get acquainted with me or
your infant to be fed or to finish that nap. By taking pictures in your child's own home, I have
been successful in getting great pictures of shy toddlers when studios have failed. Often a
parent or teenager may be on their own tight worries, I can quickly get the
group photos needed to include that family member and they can be on their way!(while we
finish the photo shoot and selection of the portraits)

Customers are only charged for the pictures they purchase. They are NOT billed for

Schedule an Appointment call : 602-284-6750

* excludes business/commercial and Wedding photo shoots.
Bisby Photography


P.O. Box 7225 Chandler, AZ 85246